I have decided this year to be more active on the blog section of this website, both as an outlet to help me stay focused on my goals, and to allow clients and potential clients a closer look at my personality and life. I look forward to sharing more about myself, my birth stories, and where this amazing life takes me.

Before looking forward to the new year, I want to look at the past year.

I helped over 20 families as they brought new life into their families in 2014! I enjoyed getting to know each family and learned so much at each birth. I’m continually amazed at the strength women possess and the capacity for love they show me over and over again.

I became a member of the Mt. Diablo Doula Community and have had the blessing of meeting many doulas. This past year I felt a tremendous sense of community as I got to know these amazing women, both as colleagues and friends.

I gained knowledge and found more community as I attended some advanced doula trainings at the Thrive Birth Center in Santa Rosa. It was a little bit of a drive, but very worth it! Constance is a skilled midwife and engaging teacher. She has a deep love for doulas and I can’t wait to head up there a few more times this year.

I encapsulated 22 placentas in 2014! I also added smoothies and salves to the menu and have received great feedback.

Here are a few photos from the year. Watch for my next post about what I have planned for 2015!

photo-3 chrystiesawyer babymouth