I wanted a doula because I was dealing with stress from my previous birth experience and not wanting the complications to happen again! When I met Kathryn, her energy really calmed me! She also had a lot of experience with Kaiser Walnut Creek where I was gonna deliver Jilly! She is very easy going and very sweet too! My goal was an all natural birth. Kathryn definitely helped me achieve my goal because as she saw I was losing my mind during the last part of labor, she helped me to get back on track and deliver drug free! Having Kathryn as my doula helped me have a great, easy postpartum and a thriving baby girl! Kathryn has the unique ability to do what the client wants and make it seem like we are friends… she never felt like a hired hand. Kathryn is calm, happy, patient, and has a lot of dedication. She will definitely be my doula again when I eventually have another baby!

Lara ~ San Ramon, CA

After interviewing several doulas, we decided to hire Kathryn. I sometimes get overwhelmed in high stressed situations, yet after meeting Kathryn her warm personality and positive attitude put me at ease. Our number 1 goal was to have a healthy baby, but we were also wanting to have successful VBAC. Kathryn brought a wealth of knowledge, resources (books/DVD) and did several training exercises with me and my husband. After having a c-section with my first daughter, we were determined to have a successful VBAC. I had a successful VBAC! Kathryn was tireless, resourceful, and realistic through the entire process. I went into labor at 3AM on Thursday and ended up delivering at 6:30AM on Friday. Kathryn worked with us the entire time to remind me of our goal, and gave me several techniques to use during labor and delivery. I thank God for her and I’m glad she helped us bring a little “Joy” into our lives.

Erica ~ Bay Point, CA

I chose Kathryn as my doula because on our first interview together she was attentive to my husband and I equally. I felt like other doulas I interviewed only looked at me and talked with me. Kathryn made us both feel included and made us both feel like our questions were valued. I also liked that Kathryn has young children herself and isn’t too far from remembering going through labor. The preparation beforehand stood out about my experience with Kathryn. She sent out videos, websites, etc. and I read through them and watched the videos. I REALLY had the picture what NATURAL labor LOOKED LIKE! I was ready! I managed to be at home laboring for 7 hours on my own! I got to the hospital at 8cm because of the preparation I had. I loved how Kathryn reassured me after being concerned I was 10 days late, “This egg and sperm didn’t get together and forget what to do at the end.” This really helped me with patience and letting my son Chase come when he did. The day my son Chase was born was no doubt the best day of my life thus far. I attribute the help of my doula to this feeling. Kathryn is Peaceful, nonjudgmental, and inspirational. How did I end up having a baby that was 9 pounds 8 ounces ALL NATURALLY! Kathryn! I explain to my colleagues and family how I did it – that my doula prepared me really well. She came to my house three times before I delivered my son. She was SO PATIENT and answered the same questions I continued to ask with patience and understanding. I was so afraid of having an emergency C-section, or the doctor having to use forceps, or other mishaps. Kathryn went over scenarios with me numerous times. I loved how she taught me the acronym BRAIN. Benefits, Risks, Alternatives, Intuition, And what if I do Nothing? That really helped me during my doctor appointments when I refused to be induced. It helped me remain calm and talk to my physician with confidence. Kathryn also helped me prior to labor with labor positions on the yoga ball. I used the yoga ball at home with my husband during my last hours of laboring. The return on my investment on a doula was a healthy baby boy!! He nursed on me right away and latched so well right away. For 2 days, the day of the birth and the day after I was ON THIS HUGE HIGH! I felt hyper-alert, and the happiest I felt in my entire life. I was able to walk out of the bed 2 hours after delivering and I could have done so earlier if I wasn’t encouraged to stay in bed because of the bleeding that I had. I attribute this to not being drugged. I was really struggling with who to have in the room during the birth of my son. Kathryn helped me realize that the more people I had enter the room the more I would get out of the zone of laboring and could delay my labor for a long time. I really wanted my girlfriend in there and my parents, but I ended up just having my mom in there the last 10 minutes before my son was born. Overall, I’m happy with this decision. Because of my 3rd degree tear the doctor was sewing me up for almost an hour and it might have been uncomfortable to have my friend in there. My friend still visited me a few hours later and it was still very special. My labor was only 11 hours total 10pm to 9am and I attribute that to avoiding distractions and staying at home from 10pm to 5am. I found value in the way Kathryn came to my house to PREPARE me for the labor experience. -Allowed me to ask questions without judgment and or frustration that I kept asking the same questions. -Touched me in the right places to help with my labor pain. For example, pressing really hard on my bilateral lower back was REALLY helpful to get through each contraction. Kathryn was able to advocate for me when I felt helpless and out of energy during my labor. For example, she got the yoga ball ordered from the doctor when I was like no it’s okay. She got the bar over my bed ordered when I said no it’s okay. I will definitely hire Kathryn again when my husband and I deliver our next child. Elease ~ Concord, CA

We are both eternally grateful for your efforts and participation the most memorable experience of my life. You are an amazingly beautiful person and I can’t thank you enough for all three of us. Adam ~ Benicia, CA

When searching online for a doula- I found Kathryn’s website to be very well put together and easy to navigate. That to me shows someone that takes the time to provide accessible material and knowledge. Kathryn was readily available via phone, text and email. Once we actually met her- its a no brainer. She has a very “light” personality that sat well with my husband and I as we spoke to her. We appreciated that she took my husband into account just as much as me. Her smile is very reassuring. Our overall goal was to feel empowered and positive about our birthing experience regardless of the actual birthing events. She helped by giving us real life experiences and knowledge every step of the way. At a glance it can seem like a doula is an expensive addition, especially because insurance does not cover. I never felt like Kathryn was a paid service. She was like a misplaced friend that i had not met up until now. She was readily available during pregnancy via phone, text and email. She never once made any situation or question awkward. During labor and delivery – she made sure I was comfortable at all times (from popsicles to foot massages). I can not imagine pregnancy, labor & delivery and post partum without Kathryn. Kathryn is worth every penny and more. I had an intense fear of labor and delivery. I was afraid of being out of control of a situation and my ability to cope with pain. I needed someone to hear me out without judgement or losing their patience and help me work through my fear. My labor and delivery was the complete opposite of my birth plan, yet my husband and I feel like we had a positive birthing experience because we had her supporting us. I am also so grateful for always answering my late night texts. I describe Kathryn as compassionate, sincere, and calm. She makes me feel like we have been friends for years. There is no topic off limits nor is there judgement when I confess my most inner thoughts and fears. She also has what seems like a endless knowledge about pregnancy, labor and delivery, the post partum womanly issues and babies. I do not think I will ever find the exact words to thank her for her presence. The entire experience was helpful, but having her at the hospital with me was the best. I probably could have done with out my husband and my mom, but not without her. She provided such confidence and calmness in the room and helped me push (literally) through when I was at my weakest point. Thank you again.

Mother of Israel ~ Oakley, CA

What a wonderful, calming presence you were for me. Thank you for helping bring my son into the world. That was such a healing experience. I can’t tell you the amount of joy I feel when I think about that whole experience. You saved the day for me and I can’t sing the praise of having a doula enough! Life changing, for me, is all I can think of to say. Jamie ~ Modesto, CA

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I interviewed several doulas and I felt that Kathryn was the one that was the most reliable, and understanding of my situation. From day one, she was very professional but understanding and very warm. I just wanted to have a pleasant birth experience. I learned a lot with her on what to expect, how birth can be, and what my choices were. Kathryn educated me and helped me through the process. She was very compassionate when I had to change my plan at the delivery. The return on my investment in a doula was peace of mind and an AWESOME delivery. I needed somebody that was reliable and could take me to the hospital…. I got a friend forever. Not having family or a husband, I had to rely on her. I had to let it go and trust the process and her. Kathryn is compassionate, kind, a loving human being, and has a calming spirit. She exceeded all my expectations. First Time Mom ~ Walnut Creek, CA

At 34 weeks, we knew the due date was fast approaching… But I wasn’t feeling ready to have my baby! I was tired from working too much, worrying too much, moving to a new house, not having enough time to attend all the birthing classes I thought I needed, to read all the books I wanted or to attend all the yoga classes I had imagined; I had too many doubts about trusting my body, I thought I was too old, too weak, too fearful to have a natural birth. But then, there was Kathryn… My wife and I are not from here. We don’t have many friends locally, and no family at all. 2014 was another crazy year in a string of many. Time was ticking and we were feeling behind, a day late, a dollar short. We needed to find someone to help us to make the birth of our baby girl safe and beautiful, with the least interventions possible. We NEEDED to find someone we could trust at one of the most vulnerable moment that any woman can go through in her life. We thought we wouldn’t find anyone. But then, there was Kathryn. We went to the Mount Diablo Meet the Doulas night less than two months before due date. I went there thinking it was going to be pretty impossible to click with anyone at that point, to find someone who would inspire connectedness and trust. We wanted someone that we could feel at ease with, someone who could be a trusting hand (literally), someone who we could count on at the very moment you can really only count on yourself. Someone who could work around our emotional needs and our financial needs. And there was Kathryn: a well balanced mix of professional but casual, respectful and respectable, knowledgeable and experienced but tuned in and aware that every woman, every family and every birth is unique, deeply spiritual but rooted, earthbound. Punk rock and hippie; half witch, half fairy but above all 100% human. After fun home visits, lively phone conversations, long detailed emails and lastly the urgent desperate text messages, the moment finally came. I never felt that Kathryn was imposing one or another idea, but instead, always educating us, showing us all the possible paths and supporting us at every crossroad, at every decision we had to make. I never felt that Kathryn spoke for me, but that instead I spoke through her. She was able to read me and to know when I had reached my limit or when I could go further. Not to mention, Kathryn gives a great foot massage! At that very scary moment that lasts for hours, when you are crying, screaming, laughing, cursing, there was Kathryn with a calming but firm hand, a sure voice and compassionate strength in her eyes, telling us that we could do this. And we did! Penélope was born from a vaginal birth, healthy at 41w2d. If you’re thinking about getting a doula, do it. At the moment you most need it, at the moment you’re not sure of anything any longer, at the moment you truly believe labor will never be over, it will be a relief to look around your birth room and say to yourself: Ahhhh… There is Kathryn!!!

Naia ~ Concord, CA

Kathryn is an amazing Doula. She came to visit me a few times before I had the baby. She was with me from the beginning of contractions until I gave birth to my son. She did not sleep all night and she stayed with me until 3 pm the next day. Melanie ~ Dublin, CA

Kathryn was referred to me by my cousin, who had a great experience with her. During our initial consultation, I felt a great vibe between us and liked her calm presence, approach to the childbirth process, and the information she provided me (i.e. pain meds during childbirth, research about alternatives to care). I wanted to do as much of the childbirth process naturally as possible. I also wanted to keep my husband included in the process since he is a great support to me. She supported my goals wonderfully. She cheered me on as I went through labor, provided great positive reinforcement and encouraged me to keep fighting when I wanted to quit. Kathryn listened to my feelings, thoughts, and needs and adapted her support. She also did a great job keeping my husband involved. She coached him on breathing exercises and stretches for me. She gave him positive reinforcement and reminded him about things he could do to support me. The coaching and support greatly reduced my anxiety about the birthing process and made me feel confident about the choices I was making. Kathryn’s calm presence, positive attitude and the wealth of information and research she provided really stood out. I found so much value in the constant verbal support and coaching. I didn’t have to ask for help or support, she just provided it. I really loved my experience with her. Kathryn helped me get through childbirth with minimal anxiety and/or fear. It was very comforting to know that she was there to answer questions and provide advice. My husband also really appreciated having her there. He wasn’t completely confident about how to support me best and having her there to coach him and provide suggestions was very important to him. After the whole experience was over, my husband said, “I would hire Kathryn again in a heartbeat. She was excellent!” We feel like our money was very well spent. The support provided during the process was well worth it. We would definitely consider hiring Kathryn again when/if have another child. Doris ~ Concord, CA

I choose Kathryn because she is incredibly friendly, open, and easy to speak with. I never felt any pressure to have a certain birth I was just very supported in my decisions. I could openly ask questions and got great answers, she is so easy to speak with it felts like friends just talking. My husband felt really comfortable talking and asking questions as well, and respected what she said. He felt like he could be open and honest and voice his opinion. He said it was great to be able to still feel like #1 and have say in the labor. My goals for my birth were to have a voice and a mind that was sharp and could think outside the moment. I didn’t want to feel pushed around or pressured by nurses to make decisions I didn’t know much about. I wanted to feel calm when my baby came into the world. I usually panic at the very last stage right before pushing and I needed help getting refocused and not just focusing on the contractions. Kathryn was so quick to respond to questions and she constantly checked in with me. I felt so thankful how willing she was to come over and teach me some techniques to start labor and get baby ready. Kathryn is smart, calm, and encouraging. I found her services valuable in her willingness to go above and beyond just the birth (helping prep for labor, etc), the tips and techniques to cope with labor, and words of wisdom to feel encouraged. If I had anxiety, she would find answers or solutions to help ease them and prepare me. Holly ~ Tracy, CA

Kathryn was vouched for by our awesome neighbors and upon meeting her I could immediately tell she was of my tribe – you know – pro health food, western medicine skeptic, down to earth, flexible, totally nonjudgmental and inclusive. I just felt she was easy to talk to and comfortable to be around. Her breadth of knowledge was also immediately apparent. I wanted to feel empowered, safe, and loved (by myself and others) through the process. She was a great advocate for this. I felt genuinely cared for. I also wanted to avoid scary and uneccesary medical interventions but not feel judged if I “caved in.” I felt my birth experience was VERY positive. Prior health conditions led me to lose faith in my body’s natural capabilities, strength, and resilience. She helped me navigate the experience within this context and feel a renewed confidence in my body’s wisdom. Kathryn slept in the hospital with us for two nights!!! Memorable slumber party. Seriously – people are amazed that our doula did this when I tell them. She is patient, generous, smart, genuine, passionate, reliable, empathetic, and intuitive. I found it valuable that our doula taught me a lot I didn’t know. She was a great resource for knowledge about the process and asking her questions directly, as opposed to reading about things, helped me feel less overwhelmed. I feel very grateful that Kathryn was our doula!! She was so available to us even though I could see that as a mother of three, her life is beautifully nuts, which made me admire her too. Thank you so much Kathryn. Jessica ~ Benicia, CA

I’ll Never be able to thank you enough for all the support, education, encouragement and love you’ve shown me. You’ve given me quite a gift. You’ve guided me through one of the proudest moments of my life and without your presence and nurturing it wouldn’t have been possible! I am proud of my birth experience and myself. Thank you EVER so much Amanda ~ Benicia, CA


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