I’m still feeling a little light on my toes from the boost to cloud 9 after spending the day yesterday with renowned midwife Gail Tully, and a room full of doulas and midwives from around the Bay Area.

I have poured over everything Gail puts on the internet for years. I first found spinning babies while preparing for a Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC). My first baby was in a posterior position in labor and that labor had ended in a cesarean. I believe doing the exercises I found on her site helped my body to be more balanced which lead to my next baby being in a more ideal position. He was born after just 5 short hours of labor!

When I missed her training a few years ago I was pretty upset, so I literally waited years for this day. Gail travels the globe teaching about optimal fetal positioning and why it matters. She teaches about how by bringing the body in balance, the baby chooses the best position, which leads to shorter and easier births.

For a total of 7 hours I watched her amazing and interactive presentation with full awe. I have so many new ideas about how to teach this information and apply it with my clients. I gained confidence in myself and my skills and I can’t wait to share all that I learned!

Interested in what spinning babies is all about? Want a introductory personal Belly Mapping Workshop? Contact me to learn more!

For more information on Spinning Babies, visit the website at www.spinningbabies.com

Were you aware of the spinning babies website? Did it help you?