I am so excited for the things I have planned for 2015.

I can’t believe my business has grown so much this past year! I am overwhelmed with gratitude to be here, living in my passion every day.

I have been working with Sara Thompson of Warm Hands Birth Services as my primary backup and we will be offering monthly mini-workshops and meet the doula nights.

I am so excited this month to meet Gail Tulley of Spinning Babies! I am taking a workshop with her next week and I’m am so over the moon, I am in orbit. I missed the opportunity when she came to the Bay Area 2 years ago, so I have literally been waiting years for this! Hungry for knowledge and determined to have a VBAC, I scoured the information on spinningbabies.com day and night during my second pregnancy. I often send clients to the site and we go over exercises during prenatal meetings. This will be an opportunity to expand my knowledge and deepen my understanding so that I can help my clients even more.

I have more plans to further my education in herbal remedies as well, but we will see if that becomes a reality in 2015 or not. It is on my goals board, but it was last year as well. I know it will fall into place when the time is right. In the mean time, I continue my informal gathering of herbal knowledge.

I look forward to all the families I will serve this year!